Best Bench Vise Tool in 2021 – Review & Buyer’s Guide

by admin | Last Updated: September 12, 2020

Finally, you need to buy the best bench vise, so that’s why you are here, isn’t it? To be honest, finding the top-rated bench vise for woodworking or even metalworking can swiftly consume your precious time.

Best Bench Vise Tool

However, you don’t need to worry as long as you are on this website because we have compiled a review of the best table vise tools for you. This review will surely help you out to find the finest piece for your garage or workshop.
Okay, no further ado, here is the review.

Top-Rated Best Bench Vise Tool Reviews

In this review, I am going to reveal the most popular and heavy-duty vises that are best for the money as well. After testing dozens of table vises, my team has finally concluded the top 10 vises for you.

Here is the complete review with the buyer’s guide.

Best Bench Vise Tool RatingPrice
Yost (465) 6.5” Best Industrial Bench Vise ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wilton (11104) 4” Bench Vise Tool⭐⭐⭐⭐
Yost (445) 4.5” Workbench Vise⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
IRWIN (4935505) 5” Best Portable Bench Vise⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wilton (WS8) 4” Bench Top Vise⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Yost LV-4 4-1/2 “ Best Table Vise ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Forward CR60A 6.5" Heavy-Duty ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wilton (550P) 5-1/2” Best Bench Vise⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
TEKTON (54004) 4” Swivel Small Bench Vise⭐⭐⭐⭐
Bessey BVVB Vacuum Base Bench Vise⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


 1    Yost (465) 6.5”

Best Industrial Bench Vise Made in the USA

ost (465) 6.5” Best Industrial Bench Vise
Our top pick is Yost 465 bench vise that has an incredibly strong cast-iron body with a 360-degree swivel shaft that can whirl in both up and down direction.

And if we talk about the dimensions of Yost vise, then we have a 5.5 inches jaw opening capacity along with 6.5 inches width. The jaw is made up of solid cast iron that improves the gripping while working with heavy and sturdy objects.

The jaw can bite the objects with up to 4950 pounds of clamp force and the torque of 116 ft-lb that make sure the precise working due to its firm griping.

Don’t be worried about the steel bar as it is also made up of cast-iron so you can put the burden on the steel bar without any fear. This Yost vise tool is designed to stick with the top of the workbench to evade any shaking or gliding while you are busy with your project.

The tool is engineered for home-based woodworkers and industrial craftsmen as well.


  • Best bench vise tool for the money
  • 360-degree swivel rotation with dual lockdown allocation
  • 30,000 PSI cast-iron construction
  • Interlocking gear technology for maximum bench vise grip with benchtop
  • Suitable for only mid mild working


 2    Wilton 11104

4” Heavy-Duty Bench Vise Tool

Wilton (11104) 4” Bench Vise Tool
This blue color vise tool is one of the heavy-duty best bench vises out there in the market. The blue color does not only enhance its beauty but also protects it from catching rust. The build material is high strengthened steel that makes it what Wilton is famed for.

Since the table vise is manufactured with quality ingredients, there is a rare demand for maintaining the tool as well.

Now comes to jaws, the jaws are fixed and have dimensions of 4 inches of opening capacity and 4 inches width. These measurements make it easy to work with some small objects, and also the output is super-fine.

The anvil working surface is wider than most of the usual vises that give you more flexibility to complete your job with one tool. The swivel base is also featured with a double lockdown base system to rotate in up and down directions. However, this vise tool is not accomplished with pipe jaw.

For the sticking of this bench vise, there are four screw holes that you need to drill in your workbench to screw the tool with your table. Due to screw sticking, the machine is easy to install anywhere, yet you just need to drill four holes.


  • High strengthened steel construction
  • Dual lockdown 120-degree swivel base
  • Best bench vise for metalworking
  • Easy to pocket
  • No pipe jaws

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 3    Yost 445

4.5” Industrial Workbench Vise

Yost (445) 4.5” Workbench Vise
Another masterpiece from Yost constructed with 30,000 psi cast iron that increases its strength for heavy metalworking.

The body is coated with a smooth and silky blue color that brings shine and protection to the body. For adjusting the precise gripping of jaws, a 360-degree swivel base features a dual way lockdown steel bar.

The screws are covered so you don’t need to take much care of it, only dripping the oil and removing the dirt would be more than sufficient for the maintenance of the tool. The jaws are replaceable and firmly constructed for the precise bench vise grip of heavy metals. The anvil area is vast and robust that can swallow the heavy strokes of the hammer on metal objects.

The screw handlebar is covered with rubber rings on both ends that enriches the solid grasp with hands and won’t bend down when clamping the metal objects. Moreover, the holding force is 31050 lbs, with a torque of 73 Ft-Lb. The u-beam unit encourages the vise to tackle the shocks of heavy metal beating.


  • 30,000 PSI cast grey iron construction
  • Steel u-beam central channel for maximum robustness
  • Dual swivel base with 360-degree movement
  • 5” replaceable jaw holding
  • Wide anvil area
  • Best budget
  • A bit heavy


 4    IRWIN 4935505

5” Best Portable Bench Vise Under $100

IRWIN (4935505) 5” Best Portable Bench Vise
IRWIN is another best bench vise brand that is offering its model IRWIN 4935505 with all heavy and basic features yet very light on the pocket. This under $100 vise is a perfect solution to your clamping jobs right now in your garage.

Similar to all expensive vise tools, this vise is also delivering the 360-degree rotation of the base that provides the flexibility and convenience of holding.
So one can twist the gripped object in any direction that makes the job super easy.

The jaws are replaceable and have a width of 5 inches. The jaws can be tilted with the help of a locking steel bar. Loosen the steel bar to rotate the jaws vertically and tighten it to adjust the position. However, this is a good vise tool, but it is not engineered for heavy-duty work as the maximum jaw press strength is only 3500 lbs.

It is a perfect choice for DIY craftsmen and your home garage. Also, it is an excellent choice if you are not willing to spend more than $100 on a good vise.


  • Cheap price tag
  • 360-degree jaw and base movement
  • Fused steel handles
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

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 5    Wilton WS8

4” Bench Top Vise Under $300

Wilton (WS8) 4” Bench Top Vise
Another great benchtop vise tool from the Vise brand Wilton that is perfect for designing for heavy-duty jobs. The 30,000 PSI iron cast body is what you can count on when you are harshly hammering on an anvil.

And the dual benefit is that the body has dual anvils so one can work with more flexibility. And there is more working space to straighten the iron objects and other thrashing jobs.

It comes with three mounting posts that prevent any shaking and jerking while you are forging. The base is fully 369-degree rotation supported with a dual lockdown system, which makes it sturdy and firm wherever you lock it.

Jaws are made up of stainless steel that is removable too. The saw’s shaped grip of jaws offers a body-hugging grip. Also, the jaws can open up to 8 inches in width and 4 inches in depth that will help you to capture almost all kinds of stuff. There are also pipe jaws that are carved below the primary jaws to press-stud the pipes ranges from ¾ inches to 3 inches in diameter.


  • Dual anvils work surface
  • Dual Jaws, one for regular use while the other for clamping pipes
  • Durable structure with cast iron
  • 360-degree swivel base with dual lockdown
  • Rubber pinch point for safety purpose
  • Best vise with the best review on Amazon
  • Big and heavy


 6    Yost LV-4

4-1/2 “ Table Vise Tool Under $50

Yost LV-4 4-1/2
Yost LV-4 is a small yet reinforced structured table vise for beginners and DIY workers. Don’t be tricked by its size as it is cast iron constructed with 30,000 PSI.

The body is plated with a blue coating to protect the body from rust. It also lessens the regular maintenance hesitancy. The jaw width is 4-1/2 inches, and the jaw opening is 3 inches. Built-in pipe jaws will assist you in clenching pipes ranging from 0.6 inches to 1.85 inches in diameter.

The base can be tilted up to a 240-degree angle, however, it is less than other best vises, yet it is sufficient for most home-based projects. There is also a dual lockdown system for precise gripping.

The price tag is under $50, and it’s an excellent benchtop vise for DIY and beginners who are looking for the best small size and heavy-duty workbench vises. Mounting this best bench vise on your table is a cakewalk; even a novice can easily fit it.

The anvil surface is a bit small, but it is perfect for home-based craftsmen. If you are looking for a bigger anvil surface, then this tool is not for you, you should try Wilton Model WS8 instead that comes with dual anvil areas.


  • Best for home workshops and DIY workers
  • 30,000 PSI cast iron manufacturing
  • Small but heavy-duty
  • 240-degree rotating base
  • Very cheap price
  • Not suitable for professional craftsmen


 7    Forward CR60A

6.5″ Heavy-Duty Workbench Vise

Forward CR60A 6.5
The most robust and durable best bench vise is here. Forward is making workbench vises for a long time, and this model is superior. It comes with up to 60,000 PSI grey cast iron body with the collaboration of ductile iron that makes it a mighty and hefty vise.

This is a multitasking table vise that can be used for forging, cutting, tempering, and grinding. You can use an anvil surface to perform different jobs with one vise.

Handles are made up of pure stainless steel that brings strength and also prevents corrosion. The base can be swapped at 270-degree for better work consistency.

The jaw measurements are 6.5 inches in width and 6 inches in the opening. For working with pipes and tubes, there is a pipe jaw with a sawtooth design to hold the pipes and round objects firmly.


  • Heavy-duty ductile iron construction with 60,000 PSI bench vise grip
  • With the 270-degree rotation of the base, you can move the jaw according to a workpiece
  • Best industrial bench vise
  • A vise for the price
  • No hardware included in the packing


 8    Wilton 550P

5-1/2” Woodworking Bench Vise Under $200

Wilton (550P) 5-1/2
Wilton is an excellent brand of the vise so that we have a third piece from the same brands in our best bench vise review. It is a more woodworking bench vise instead of a metalworking benchtop vise.

However, you can use it for both purposes. But working with some heavy metal objects may trigger inconveniences as the vise tool is not designed for heavy-duty working.

Although it is for normal use, 30,000 PSI cast iron jaws, and 60,000 PSI ductile iron base and body make it pretty robust. The head and jaws are moveable up to 360-degree in both up and down directions. So it makes it really easy to work on an object without moving yourself.

The jaws are structured in V-shape that makes it easy to hold round stuff or pipes. These jaws can clamp pipes with the measurements of 5/8 inches to 2-1/4 inches. For mounting the table vise on the benchtop, there are four pre pierced holes in the base of the vise. So you don’t need to drill any holes anymore for mounting it. It’s the best workbench vise under $200.


  • Solid construction
  • Good vise for the price
  • 360-degree moveable head jaw
  • V-shape pipe jaws for maximum holding
  • The base is made up of 60,000 PSI ductile iron
  • Suitable for general purpose only


 9    TEKTON 54004

4” Swivel Small Bench Vise

TEKTON (54004) 4” Swivel Small Bench Vise
Coming again to the vise for the price, we have another cheap priced best bench vise here. TEKTON 4 inches swivel bench vise is an ideal selection for craftsmen who are looking for a vise with the best price.

However, the price tag is pretty low, yet it holds the qualities that we get at a high price. The contrition material is cast iron with 30,000 PSI power.
The installation of the vise is really simple, you just need to screw the three mounting bolts with your workbench, and that’s it.

The jaws are made up of hardened steel and also engraved with a sawtooth design for perfect holding. Also, the jaws are replaceable, and measurements of jaw width are 4 inches, and the jaw opening is 3 inches.

The anvil is polished with shiny steel, and the body is coated with black powder for better durability. The base is moveable at 120-degree to work in any direction with big workpieces. It’s a small tool with great features, and it’s best for mild to hard-working purposes. So, improve your project’s beauty with this best bench vise. It comes with a cheap price as well.


  • Strong base and body (30,000 PSI cast iron)
  • 120-degree rotation of the base
  • Sleek and polished anvil for better hammering experience
  • Replaceable hardened jaws
  • Extra pipe jaws for gripping pipes would be better


 10    Bessey BVVB

Vacuum Base Bench Vise

Bessey BVVB Vacuum Base Bench ViseLast but certainly not least, next, we have Bessey BVVB base best bench vise in our review. This is a vacuum base table vise that can mount with any flat surface with the help of a suction cup. And due to the suction base, the mounting is super sticky and firm.

To mount the vacuum suction base on the bench, there is a steel lever for this purpose. However, you need to clean the rubber suction base regularly for long term usage.

After the vacuum base, the second fantastic feature is its rubber jaw caps that not only grip the objects firmly but also prevents the damage of the workpiece.

The measurements of the jaws are 2-3/4 inches in width.
The swivel base is manufactured for the whole 360-degree rotation, and it can hinge on 90-degree as well. And the constructive material is steel and die-cast iron that makes it durable. This is a light working table vise though you can use it on numerous home-based projects. Moreover, the price of this vise is really very low and affordable for anyone.


  • 360-degree base swivel with 90-degree pivot
  • Vacuum based best bench vise for perfect mounting on flat surfaces
  • Rubber caps for protection of workpiece and better gripping
  • The manufacturing material is steel and die-cast iron for more durability
  • Price is super cheap
  • Need regular maintenance for long term usage

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Buyer’s Guide to Pick Best bench Vise

If you are hunting for the best bench vise, then there are certainly a few factors that you need to pay attention to whenever you are going to buy it.
There are so many vise brands in the market, so it would be tough for someone to find the best vise for the price in such scenarios. And of course, without the proper knowledge and experience, I am afraid you will lose your money and time.

Let’s dive into those points and check each factor before you put your hands on a vise tool.

PSI and Constructive Material

If you are willing to buy a best bench vise tool only for your small and home-based projects, then you can count on low PSI (pounds per square inch) offering vise. PSI is a system international unit of pressure.
However, if you are an industrial craftsman, then your needs are going to be heftier, so that’s why you should only focus on a vise with at least 30,000 PSI tensile strength.

Jaw Opening Width & Clamping Ability

A jaw is an essential piece in any vise; whether you are looking for vise for woodworking or a metalworking vise, in both types, you need to pay attention to the jaw width and opening measurements.

Jaw opening depends on your project needs; if you are frequently working with small working objects, you really don’t need to buy a large jaw opening capacity.

However, the workers who are continually working with lengthy objects, then they certainly need a high opening capacity for maximum and precise gripping.

Similarly, the jaw width also directly depends on your working needs. It determines the maximum area coverage that a jaw grips. So identify your needs and then choose the width and opening capacity accordingly.

Now comes clamping capacity; it is referred to as holding different shapes of items like pipes, round tubes, or rectangular shapes. The best bench vise comes with dual jaws, one for square shapes and the other for pipes and tubes.

Rotation of Vise Base

The maximum rotation of a swivel base is 360-degree, and most of the best bench vises come with it. However, vises with 260-degree and 270-degree are also good.

The swivel rotation of the vise allows you to work in any direction without moving along the workpiece. So you can set the angle of a workpiece from 0 to 360-degree. It will ease your work.


As you know, there are dozens of vise tools brands in the market, and I have squeezed the best ones for you. I have reviewed these vise tools with my expert team, and finally, we decided to go with Yost Bench Vise Model 465 as our best bench vise.
If you have picked your vise too, then share your experience with us.